Friday, October 10, 2008

This is a really powerful video shot with just a cell phone in two cities, NY and Sydney. I think this issue is really rather complicated, nevertheless this video does a good job of removing it (a bit) from the political sphere etc...

linked from Mark Kaske

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ok so wow, I'm really sorry about all these videos! I swear, I have constructive moments! Anyway, speaking of Colbert... did anyone watch Thursday's show? It is hilarious as usual, however it hits a soft spot in my heart because of the Shakespeare references (yes I know lately I've been hating old Will, but its all in good conscience...or something like that) You can watch the whole episode or just the Shakespeare half... either way its the whole episode on Colbert Nation

Stephen Colbert

So I happen to love Stephen Colbert, even though I don't get to see his show as much as Id like (or at all, as it generally seems to go). I ran across this old video on Colbert on the Late Show, and i just love how they talk about his "new show" and he says he is going to "change the world". You know what, he did. :) And that is some real truthiness.

p.s. I particularly like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert @ the Emmys. It is ridiculously funny, and always makes my bad days better. Plus Stephen Colbert uses the word "pablum"... it has to be good ! :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ok so maybe Im sheltered, because I get the feeling that I missed the boat on this one lol. Anyway! I found this while I was supposed to be writing a commentary on Will's Sonnet 79, so it has to be worth some sort of interest :P

Ok ...well here is the video I wanted to post Conan and Pilobolus but it wont let me embed it, and I assume NBC is going to make them take it down soon... so heres another:

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