Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keyboard Education

Ok so this probably marks me for life as a nerd, but I actually got excited reading this post over at LifeHacker. It's mainly about keyboard shortcuts in Firefox (which if you're not using, you should be :)), which is awesome because I'm one of those people who would rather not use the mouse if I didn't have to. Also, using the touch pad on a laptop is rather annoying, and every time I reach, claw-like, for my cellphone, I really think its time to stop using a mouse :P. So, Keyboard shortcuts become intriguing and useful :). On top of it, I have a theory: Keyboard shortcuts improve memory in an era of technology that allows you to let memory shrink into oblivion. Furthermore, I think using keyboard shortcuts foster creativity and logical processes. Now, I know that seems a bit at odds, but I assure you its not :) Just try using them, you'll see. I know its difficult at first, but after a while it gets faster and makes perfect sense. Sort of like learning to type; you think you do just fine, and even well, and learning to type seems tedious and in fact pointless, but eventually, with some persistence and practice you have the epiphany. Start with the easy ones:
New Tab: Ctrl+t
Switch Tabs (1-9): Ctrl+(1-9)
Search Bar: Ctrl+K
You'll find them making your time on a browser just a wee bit more productive :) And if you're anything like me, someone who multi-tasks like the devil, this will be a wonderful thing.
Alright, alright, I'm finished :) But really check it out :) Even you Katie!!!!! :P


Mother of Perseus said...

I, also, am a huge fan of keybord shortcuts... peas, I dare say!

~im just only me~ said...

I love peas! :)

don't be emily said...

hey, i use some! i just take a long time to change habits lol.:)unose. so there.

don't be emily said...
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