Friday, May 1, 2009


(Just quickly because I have to leave for class)

Today is the last day of classes! I am beyond excited! I still have finals, and a ridiculous amount of papers to finish by Wednesday, but other than that Im good for the summer. Yay! Also I got my job for the summer all set. Things are looking up for now :) Hopefully Ill finally have some time to post, instead of making drafts and then never publishing them.

Also, I read today that Carol Ann Duffy was chosen as Poet Laureate of the UK. 341 years of the Poet Laureate and finally a female poet -- good deal :)

Oh yeah, one more thing :) I had one of my poems published in Gonzaga's Reflection. Print. yay! Finally :)

Well, off to Metaphysics and Central Europe for one last time!


MandyKins said...

hello!! how do i get to that page to see which one is???

~im just only me~ said...

what are you talking about?

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