Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hide-and- Call the Cops?

There was a funny story on MSN today about a little girl who was playing hide and seek:

"Two-year-old Natalie Jasmer was playing the game with her siblings Tuesday in their Pymatuning Township home. When the family couldn't find her, parents Dennis and Michelle Jasmer called authorities. Emergency crews and friends frantically searched the neighborhood about 70 miles northwest of Pittsburgh for about an hour. The family's dog, Copper, finally sniffed her out. She had fallen asleep in a drawer underneath the family's washing machine. The little girl told her family she was sorry. Hide-and-seek is now banned in the Jasmer household...."

I think banning Hide and Seek was a little over the top! Ha!

We used to play Hide and Seek all the time as kids, but only in the house if my parents were gone. My brother's tutor used to babysit us sometimes and we would turn off all the lights in the house and play hide-and-seek. Grant it, this was an 100 yr old Victorian home, and it was SCARY with the lights out! Especially to a four year old! The scariest part was running away from him up the stairs -- his three steps to our one. Our favorite hiding place was the dryer! -- We definitely weren't allowed in there, but honestly it's the best hiding place ever!
I still like Hide and Seek, dang it, except I can't fit into dryers anymore...


Mother of Perseus said...

Hilarious! As I was reading the article, my first thought was of when we were hiding in the back of the closet from Uncle Jim (in Omaha)... only he didn't know we were playing, and called the cops and had all the neighbors looking for us, and he was SO frantic! And really it was all my fault, being the oldest, lol. I tried to tell him that you and Manda "held me back and wouldn't let me say anything..." he would have none of it; and rightly so, it wasn't believable at all, lol.
My second thought was another memory of said hide and seek games with Mr. N. and besides the dryer (where you did fit so well) was hiding up in that old store closet next to my room... member the one that started halfway up the wall? Our favorite spot to hide collectively... since there was no other way to get up in there (seperately)... and he never suspected us of hiding in there because he thought we couldn't reach it, lol... little did he know the power of three, haha!
Ah, memories!

~im just only me~ said...

lol I don't remember the first, but the second yes. I loved that closet! I also don't really know what was so intriguing about it... but I do remember my heart pounding whenever we would be up there and Nana would come up. I was always afraid she would see our eyes peeking out of that little panel that moved. *gulp*

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