Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

"We use the phrase 'gave their lives,' but they didn't give their lives...they were taken from them. I wish we could dedicate Memorial Day, not to the memory of those who have died at war, but to the idea of saving the
lives of the young people who are going to die in the future if we don’t find some new way-some new religion maybe-that takes war out of our lives. That would be a Memorial Day worth celebrating." - Andy Rooney
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And then a song from Libera, We Are The Lost:


Vatche said...

I agree with Andy Rooney. These people, men and women, protect us with their bodies as shields. I really enjoy this cool quote and awesome video, which is a perfect thing to watch on Memorial Day. Write on, Cassandra!

P.S. I'm a new follower, pleased to meet you! :)

~im just only me~ said...

Thanks Vatche, I feel pretty strongly about this subject and I think Andy Rooney sums it up pretty well. I have three siblings in the military, and sometimes it's difficult to be supportive and still express my opinion. They are not at odds, but many cannot distinguish...
Thanks for following and very nice to meet you too :) You put up quite a nice blog if you don't mind me saying! :)