Saturday, June 26, 2010

25 Random Things...

1) I ask questions all the time and then forget to listen for the answer... it drives people crazy.

2) I read The Stranger by Albert Camus at least once a year.

3) When I was a kid I had an orange pair of long shorts and an orange striped shirt that I wore almost every day after school... one day it disappeared... I think we all know where it went...

4) I didn't drink anything on my 21st birthday.

5) I know how to shear sheep.

6) I wear brown with black all the time.

7) I buy new socks constantly.

8) I'm reading Moby Dick for the 5th time.

9) I've probably spent more money on sports equipment than anything else, but have bought more books than anything else. Except maybe socks. Maybe.

10) I have several pairs of shoes that I've only worn once.

11) I jumped out of a second story window at school my senior year... it hurt but I couldn't tell anyone lol.

12) I always deform paper clips... I can't help it...

13) I used to remind my mom that she was supposed to spank us for something we did earlier in the day.
                                                                        photo: TomNeely
14) I can make a half court shot.

15) I still won't sleep in a house all by myself.

16) I laugh whenever people get hurt, especially if they make funny faces.

17) I work at the Police Department.

18) My first kiss was in Kindergarten.

19) Speaking of Kindergarten, I was suspended twice, and my best friend was expelled for smoking behind the school.

20) For some reason, whenever I tell someone to say something stupid at a drive through window they often do it. It's hilarious.

21) I have a vendetta against the US postal service.

22) One time I broke my toe... running in the house.

23) I also bit through my tongue... running in the house.

24) I still run in the house.

25) but not with scissors.


William Michaelian said...

Ha! This is great. I want to contribute. Paper clips and socks are on the way — by UPS.

don't be emily said...

And I knew every one of those. Tell me something I don't know.
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~im just only me~ said...

lol William, lovely of you to encourage my neuroses :P By the way, you should give this a go on RBL.

Katie, the title is Random Things. Not Things You Do Not Know About Me. Although that would be interesting. Well. That's debatable :P...

El Candro said...

I want to have a copy of The Stranger. I wonder why many people loves reading that book...

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