Sunday, November 16, 2008

Richard Nixon Killed Kennedy!

I have already mentioned, oh once or twice, how Stephen Colbert makes me laugh. And I love to laugh :) Here's a bit from his Oct.30th Episode. Flawless logic according to the "DaColbert Code":

"I don’t believe in polls, and 62% of Americans agree with me. No, I make my predictions by looking for superficial connections in seemingly random information. Its a power I call the "DaColbert Code.
Let me remind you how it works. Say I wanted to know who killed president Kennedy. Ok, let’s see. The movie “JFK” was directed by Oliver Stone, which leads us to the Rolling Stones, Rolling Rock, lobster boat, man overboard, waterboard, watergate, Oh my God, Richard Nixon killed Kennedy! My apologies to Fidel Castro, the Dallas Police, the Mafia, the FBI, the Masons, LBJ, Ike Turner and the Hamburgler. I never should have subpoenaed any of you.
Now let’s use the code to answer the question on everyone’s mind. Who will be our next president? The race is clearly going to be won by the biggest patriot. So let’s start with the New England Patriots, whose quarterback is Tom Brady, Greg Brady, Greg Allman, Almond Joy, Lemon Fresh Joy, Farm fresh eggs, farmer in the dell, There was a farmer had a dog and bingo was his name O-bama! No! Nonono! That can’t be right.
I just started it off wrong. Let me start again. Ok, there’s a race for the white house, so white house, white guy, Guy Smiley, smiley face,horse face, horseshoe, shoe shine, shoe box, Johann Sebastian Bach, baroque music, Baroque Obama - NO! Stupid code.
Ok, I got it. The next president is going to be a maverick, and the character Brett Maverick was played by James Garner, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, George Lopez, George of the Jungle, In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight, Bobby Knight, Bob Hope, Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama - SHOOT!"

Well he goes on of course... you get the idea. Funny stuff :)

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