Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Orchard

My favorite Clancy Brothers song -- for obvious reasons to some...

When I was nine, in harvest time, I crossed the orchard wall
The moon was bright, the apples ripe upon the garden did fall
We filled our sacks, we made our way back, more adventures for to find.

I crossed the orchard wall again when I was just thirteen
It was, I think, to be my first drink of cider and poitín
I remember well, it tasted like hell; I hoped the pain would end soon,
In an orchard green neath the Comeraghs in that sweet Dungarvan green.

When I was twenty-one years old I married my Annie there
The apple blossoms in the trees were better in her hair
And when the day was over there was a drunk for every tree
In an orchard neath the Comeragh by those sweet Dungarvan seas.

Now I'm forty-five, I am much alive and children I have four,
Three girls and one fine strapping son and I have hopes for more.
I'll teach them of what lies ahead, I have plenty to tell still
In an orchard neath the Comeragh in that sweet Dungarvan breeze.

Now I'm ninety-one, my days are near done, my Annie is long since gone.
Our days they were good as well they should, but it's time that I passed on,
And when I die, I want to lie in the air, land and foam
In an orchard neath the Comeragh by my sweet Dungarvan home.


Elisabeth said...

Thanks for posting this, Cassandra. I've a passion for Irish music. I'm going to Ireland later this year for a short time from my home in Australia. I'm new to your blog, and pleased to meet you.

~im just only me~ said...

Elisabeth, thanks for stopping by and following :) I'm glad you like the post, this is for sure one of my favorite Clancy Brothers songs, having lived in an orchard for a good part of my life... although if you asked me another time I'd probably name every other song as my favorite as well :P I was sad to hear that Liam Clancy died this last December... Have fun in Ireland! It's still on my list of places to go :) Do you have family there?

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